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CRAES Master Lecture Launched and Professor Mark Bailey Delivered the First Lecture

On Mar. 30, the CRAES Master Lecture opened and the first lecture was held online. This CRAES Master Lecture will be held in the form of an annual series of conferences online or on site. Based on the platform of CRAES International Scientific Advisory Committee (CRAES-ISAC) and CRAES’ collaboration network, CRAES is proud to present the CRAES Master Lecture series, where world-renowned scientists and the brightest thinkers share the latest research findings on the academic frontier, and addressing topics on hot issues of ecology and environment with fresh, provocative perspectives. After the establishment of CRAES-ISAC in 2018, the establishment of CRAES Master Lecture is another important measure for CRAES to strengthen scientific cooperation while facing the international frontier.

CRAES Vice President Song Yonghui remarks at the opening ceremony and Professor Mark Bailey from UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UK CEH) delivered the first lecture.

Professor Mark Bailey, FAAM, FRSB, is the Executive Director of UK CEH, and also a member of CRAES-ISAC. In his lecture titled “Application and Advances in Environmental Microbiology”, Professor Bailey systematically introduced the background to environmental microbiology, and the application of environmental microbiology in microbial engineering, recovering lake water quality and reducing GHGs. After the lecture, Professor Bailey discussed the application of microbiology in reducing GHGs and in wastewater based epidemiology with the audience.

Hundreds of participants from CRAES, other organizations affiliated to MEE, and universities listened to the lecture.

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